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Search Engine Spider Simulator
Search Engine Spider Simulator Tool

The Free SEO Spider Simulator is a must have tool and should always be in your SEO toolbox! The SEO Spider Simulator gives you a quick summary of what search engines check on your website. We all know that everyone wants to keep Google's bots happy when they're indexing our site, so knowing what they'rs going to see in crucial in optimizing our sites to make it rank better. Have you ever pondered what web crawlers see when they take a gander at your site? There is really a touch of data that web search tools bugs don't see, and the way your site is seen when recorded via web indexes is altogether different than what you (or your site guests) will see. By using the Spider Simulator, you will be able to see even the more inaccessible page elements of your website. In this case, you won't have to keep on guessing how the bots or spiders see your website copies or landing pages when they try crawling on them. To give you an idea, not all contents are actually visible for search engines, and some of these include JavaScript-generated contents, flash-based contents and image-based contents. Without even saying, using this SEO tool lets you have a preview of how your pages, including these mentioned, actually look when they'rs crawled by search engine bots.

Google Spider

The Google spider crawls over the internet and examines all the websites. It checks the internal and external links of each website it examines. It checks to see if the external links are working and not linking to spam sites. Google spider catalogs and indexes its findings of each website it crawls. Google spider can only check linked pages and not pages or sites which require username and password to enter. If you cannot open a link by clicking on it, neither can Google. Just for a minute imagine if you were to open a page in Wikipedia. You click on each link of the page and on each link on the pages that open, this is what Google does. Google likes links which are relevant and real links, and not malicious or spam links. If Google comes across a set of spam links on a site, it may penalize it.

How it work SEO Spider Tool?

A lot of Content and Links displayed on a webpage may not actually be visible to the Search Engines, eg. Flash based content, content generated through javascript, content displayed as images etc. This tool Simulates a Search Engine by displaying the contents of a webpage exactly how a Search Engine would see it. It also displays the hyperlinks that will be followed (crawled) by a Search Engine when it visits the particular webpage.