Code to Text Ratio Checker

Code to Text Ratio Checker Tool

Code to Text Ratio Checker

Code to Text Ratio Checker

This tool is used for checking the code to text ratio which is nothing but the percentage of actual text on a web page compared to the percentage of HTML code. Relevancy of webpage is calculated by search engines by using this tool. Check your webpage for code to text ratio used by search engines for relevancy based on its contents. Code to text ratio refers to the percentage of actual text which is present on a webpage in comparison to the percentage of HTML code. It is utilized by search engines in order to calculate the relevance of a web page. In order to use this tool, you will only have to enter the URL of any web page and click on enter. Your results will show the text size, page size, code size as well as code to text ratio which is the text percentage of that particular page. The higher the code to text ratio, the better will be your chances of getting a good ranking.


What is the Code to Text Ratio?

The Code to Text Ratio represents the percentage of actual text in a webpage. Our content ratio tool extracts the text from paragraphs and the anchor text from HTML code, and calculates the content ratio based on this information. To use Code to Text Ratio Checker, just enter the URL of the site and let our tool display the complete results in a second only. The results provided by our tool shows the actual code to text ratio, content text size and the total HTML size.

Why is the Code to Text Ratio Important for SEO?

Calculation of the relevancy of a webpage is done by search engines and spiders through the use of Code to Text Ratio. Webpages may be more likely to have higher page rank when they have a higher code to text ratio. Having a higher code to text ratio will also give you a leg up on the competition, when it comes to on-site optimization. Not all search engines will use the code to text ratio in their algorithms, but it is likely to play a part in most. Search systems calculate your website’s rank and decide whether your page is relevant. In most cases their calculations are based on the proportion between actual text and HTML code on your page. This proportion is called Code to Text Ratio. When it’s high, so are your chance to be ranked higher in search results.

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