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Use this tool to check for broken links on a web site. Broken links are links that lead nowhere; Clicking on the link will show an error page. Broken/dead links could be very frustrating and will result in a terrible user experience. On the top of that, having broken links on your site could cause major online presence and SEO damage, so we’ve put together this awesome and simple Broken Links Finder tool that will index your site and highlight the status of each Internal or External link. When a link takes you somewhere else instead of taking you to the original website or the link shows a 404 error message. It means that the link is broken. There are various causes of a broken link. Some of the causes are:

  • The target website has been deleted.
  • The target website is not available.
  • The permalink of target website have been changed or modified.

The Broken Links Checker tool comprises of a field wherein you can enter the URL of your website. On clicking Submit, the tool goes through the contents of the URL and displays the status code and status of the links on each webpage. If the status of all links, both internal and outer, is displayed as "Alright" then there is nothing to stress over. Why should you check for broken links? You should check for broken links to avoid losing traffic. You could imagine how disappointed your users would be if they find out that, they are misdirected to a dead link other than to a link with the content they intended to visit. If you would like to fix issues about broken links, you can make use of the Broken Links Finder that lets you detect for any dead links on your site. It will help you clean up your site with the powerful tool that will let you know of any misleading, dead links that don’t contribute anything but bad reputation for your website. Broken Link Checker Tool helps you to scan and detect the dead (broken or rotten) links on your website for you to fix them. This tool scans Internal and External links within the provided domain name and checks their status codes.


Broken Links Scanner

A broken link, also known as a broken hyperlink, dead link or rotten link is a hyperlink in the page that is linked to an empty or non-existent internal or external page or file. Having broken links leaves a negative impact on your website's usability and ranking with Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, DuckDuckGo, Yandex, etc. It's important to understand that the only way for search engines to rank websites is by crawling them, and if there are dead links on your pages, it can stop search engine spiders from crawling your site and remove from the index. Broken Link Checker Tool helps you to scan and detect the dead (broken or rotten) links on your website for you to fix them. This tool scans Internal and External links within the provided domain name and checks their status codes.

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