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Open Graph Meta Tags Generator

Open Graph Generator

Do you want a steady stream of traffic on your website? Are you using social media platforms to promote your products and services? Can you get the advantage of an open graph? To easily create open source meta tags, you do not need to encode in HTML or create a tag sequence. All you need at this moment is a meta tag graphical tool. Using the box above, you can easily access the Open Graph Generator Tool. In this section, you need to open all the required fields with the graph tags and then open it in the HTML header header. This page will generate “Open Graph” meta tags that comply with Facebook’s protocol. If you want your blog or website to integrate nicely with Facebook, you should use these on your page.


What is Open Graph Tags?

The Open Graph Meta Tags will support in integrating your webpage into Facebook when individual clicks on "Like" button. Click the suitable button above to generate either HTML or XHTML open graph meta tags to be utilized by Facebook; your source code for meta-tag will display above. This webpage will create “Open Graph” Meta tags which stick to Facebook’s protocol. If you want your website or blog to integrate with Facebook, you need to use these on your webpage. Get acquainted with these Meta tags, because Facebook is a fast growing community with more than half a billion members.

Does Open Graph Impacts SEO?

According to theory, use of open graph doesn’t impact your SEO (on-page) in a direct way but the basic purpose is to boost your social links. Social marketing is considered as the best way to boost your online business. The Facebook and other social media websites have made use of it to place themselves on the top in search engines. The search engines cannot ignore the data provided by Open Graph in their algorithm. It is not easy to describe the impact of open graph on the algorithm. In fact, it’s something tricky. You can keep the Google Plus pages in favorite and let Google to analyze Open Graph tags. If the first focus of the webmaster is on title tag and description, then it ought to provide a strong interest in adding Open Graph in its pages. The graphs get more attention by Google and other social engines when they are shared on social media websites. So, it reveals that it has an impact on your SEO and helps you to market and strengthen your online business and website.

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