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Link Analyzer

The link analysis display all internal and external links of a website with the corresponding anchor texts in a summary table. The Internal/External Link Analyzer Tool generates a list of links on a webpage. It analyzes the page and returns a table of data containing columns, one for links and another for their associated anchor text. If a hyperlink is represented by an image, the image's alt attribute is included as the anchor text. This is a tool to get a deep information about links in a webpage, about errors and link inexistence.

Every website has two types of links which are; internal, external. The internal links are those that link to other pages that have been created within a website. External links are those through which a website links to other websites. As the traffic of a website increases and more internal and external links get added, you need a website link analyzer tool to review your links.


How to use Website Link Checker Tool?

Want to use Smart SEO Tools link scanner to its full potential? You just have to do this: provide the Link Analyzer tool with the URL of which you want to track the links. It does not matter if they are external links or internal links, our tool scans every link related to the URL provided by you. You may as well call this tool a website internal and external links checker

The report produced by our Link finder tool is very detailed. It lists out every inbound and outbound link that have hyperlinked the URL provided by you. If you want data related to just the internal links or the external links, you can do that too if necessary. Our link finder tool provides you with the option of doing that, there's a checkbox next to the options external links, internal links, and both types. If you want data related to just the external links to put a tick mark in the checkbox against. Similar is the case for internal links as well. Although, if you want the link scanner to produce reports concerning both forms of links, then you just have to select both types.

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