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HTML CompressorFree online tool to compress HTML code by removing line breaks, tabs and extra spaces. Results in highly compressed HTML. Speed up your web pages. Safely reduce the size of your html code, javascript and css files, make your websites load faster, reduce mobile transfer costs. The online HTML Compressor is used to compress HTML code by removing unnecessary white spaces, line breaks, tabs and other extra objects. Results in highly compressed HTML. The tool also shows the savings you got by compressing your HTML. HTML CSS Javascript minimizer compressor online : minify, optimize and protect instantly your code in one click. 

World's simplest HTML minifier. Just paste your HTML in the form below, press HTML Minify button, and you get compressed HTML. Press button, get HTML. No ads, nonsense or garbage. Compress HTML , JavaScript and CSS code to reduce page size and make your website load faster, It's is quick, easy and free !

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