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Free Google PageRank CheckerUse PageRank checker to check Page Rank of your website on multiple Google PR servers. With our pagerank checker tool you can check value of your website Pagerank and check if it has valid or fake pagerank, besides check pagerank of your website or blog it also check domain backlinks on Google and Open Site Explorer, Alexa Rank, DMOZ, moz Domain Authority (DA), moz Page Authority (PA), Domain age and website history. Free PR Checker tool for users who want to check Page Rank in bulk and without any captcha code. Very easy to use bulk page rank checker tool offers free, fast and accurate checking of Google Page Rank. This tool supports upto 100 domains/urls at once. 

To use the Google PR Checker, type the domain name or URL that you want to check, and then press Enter on your keyboard or click the Get Page Ranks button. The page refreshes, and then displays the domain’s current Google PageRank and whether it is valid or fake. It also displays domain information, including the domain age, registrar, registration and expiration dates.

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