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Search Engine Spider SimulatorHave you ever wondered what search engines see when they look at your website? There is actually a bit of information that search engines spiders do not see, and the way your website is viewed when indexed by search engines is very different than what you (or your website visitors) will see. With this tool, simply enter the URL and click a button to see your website through the “eyes” of a search engine spider. You might be surprised to find that content based on Flash or JavaScript is practically invisible, as well as images. Looking at your website through this perspective can help you find flaws in your web design that can prevent your website from being presented to targeted search engine users as a relevant result.

See how Search Engine Spiders view your websites pages. This tool will pull the text from HTML tags to show you what Search Engines see. Analyze how many times your keywords are used and how spaced out they are for avoiding spam. This is the Spider Simulator, a tool for giving you a quick preview of what a bot sees on your website page. It can simulate what search engines do when crawling your website and its pages, telling you exactly how your page/s look like in the eyes of search engine spiders or bots.

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